Backyard Boot Camp

I created my Boot Camp with two things in mind: SAFETY & RESULTS.

My clients have seen amazing results and now you can too.  Using a periodized training system, meaning each workout builds on the next, you will get leaner, stronger and faster using my proven program.  Each 6 week program is designed to build each individual at the level upon which they entered Bootcamp.  Each workout is a progression on the last, so attendance is vital to get the full benefit of participation in my program.

The workouts are based on “muscle confusion” — a technique that constantly challenges your muscles with varying sequences of different exercises. All the workouts include carefully planned “work” and “weekend rest days”, circuits with specific rep counts or timed intervals, and trail workouts to include a cardiovascular element to burn maximum calories.

The exercises blend proven calesthenic and metabolic body weight classics with a Bootcamp feel. Using tried and true body weight exercises such as classic squats and bicep curls to multi-muscle training and plyometrics exercises, the entire body receives ample muscle recruitment as well as recovery.  With every workout your form and overall body and performance will improve. It’s important to track your progress, that is why we start each session with a fitness assessment (or re-assessment for returning campers).

Fitness Assessments

Your fitness assessment measures your current level of fitness, aids the instructor in goal setting and tracking your progress, tracks a variety of health related components, and increases motivation!  My Assessment provides a baseline measurement of cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, body composition, muscle inbalances and weaknesses as well as flexibility.

The "Weight Loss" Assessment -
(only for those doing the food plan)

Weigh in/weigh out
Body Fat and BMI Analysis
Circumference measurements

The "Benchmark" Assessment - (Performed on Day 1 of Boot Camp)

1 Min. Push Up Test
1 Min. Sit Up Test
1 Min. 8-Ct. Burpee
1 Min. 3-Ct. Mountain Climbers
1 Mile Run Test

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Backyard Boot Camp Testimonials

Teka L.
I've been working out for 13 years now, mostly by myself but I've met many trainers over the years as well. When I joined Backyard Bootcamp, my first impression was "what a GREAT group!", not just the trainers are very knowledgeable and great energy but the routines are different every time. Leslie, the owner, is just a squishable great human being ....her enthusiasm and motivation is contagious! Love, love, love this bootcamp!!! Worth every cent!
Teka L. Encino

Dr. Jean-Guillaume Malinvaud
During the last few years I have been working with several persons attending Backyard Boot Camps classes.  They all are getting positive results and all seem to share the same enthusiasm.  Leslie Maltz is very knowledgeable when it comes to proper nutrition and adequate training, and unlike many self-claimed trainers out there, she looks great and is always full of energy.  I have been and will continue to recommend Backyard Boot Camp to anybody wanting to look and feel their best in a fun, safe and professional environment.
Dr. Jean-Guillaume Malinvaud Provence Chiropractic - Sherman Oaks

Mary M
Your boot camp has been life-changing for me.  A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I took the most incredible vacation.  We went to Zion, Bryce and the Grand Canyon, and hiked and backpacked all over the place.  We were able to go down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon in 5 hours, and we made in back up the next day (with 30lb packs) in 6 hours.  We were passing people without any packs at all.  We figure that we hiked over 70 miles and did more than 12,000 feet in elevation change in 7 days.  Not too shabby for someone who couldn't even run or do 5 push-ups in February!
Mary M Calabasas

Debra Schrotz.
Backyard Boot camp rocks!  Leslie and her staff present a great program of diet, nutrition and exercise that helps you get the results you are looking for.  Those results can be measured in pounds, inches, physical strength  and mental confidence. Safety is stressed in using proper form and stretching before and after the workout.  And did I mention that it's tons of fun?  A perfect way to get the day started.

About - Debra Schrotz - has been attending BYBC for over 8 years and has only driven to class 6 times.  She rides her fixed gear bike from Sherman Oaks to Tarzana for each session.  She is 60 years young

Debra Schrotz. Sherman Oaks

Marianna & Adolfo
Leslie has made a huge impact on my life & my husband's life. We have been in her program for over a year consecutively & just love it! We thought we were in shape but really, we were NOT..... until we attended Backyard Boot Camp! These are the best workouts and they’re so much fun. We have lost inches, gotten stronger and are more focused on our eating habits. It’s just a great way of living life with your partner & having fun while you are doing it!! We love you Leslie!!

Marianna & Adolfo Sherman Oaks