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Why Not Work Out Together?

Relationships have the unique property of occupying a lot of our time. And, while some of that time is put to good use, a good chunk of it is just chilling out with your partner and doing all sorts of laid-back things around the house. We’re definitely not saying that’s bad. In fact, it’s one of the coolest things couples get to do. But, when that phase is over, replacing it with something a little bit more constructive is a great idea. And working out together is definitely on top of the list. Think of it this way — you’re spending quality time together and you’re toning your abs.

Studies have shown that couples that train together have a higher than average sex life! If that's not reason enough, how about the fact that you get to spend an hour with your significant other that you might not necessarily get to do. Bonding time in the gym is a great way to connect on a different level.


Workout Together, Stay Together?

Working out with a partner is an entirely different act than solo training. When you’re alone, nobody can tell you that you’re doing something wrong or right. You just have to rely on your experience and intuition. Your partner, on the other hand, is an observer and a helper, and so are you. It’s much easier to make big changes together then when by yourself. Giving each other positive feedback when So go ahead and tell your partner that they’re doing great or, if this is the case, that they need to switch it up. This is precious feedback and it’s also a good way to re-discover yourselves and find a new way of communicating.


In fact, studies show that working out with a partner you feel comfortable around gives you the edge over other gym-goers. You feel happier and more energetic because you face the challenge as a team, through positive reinforcement. By doing everything together, you become more conscious of your own movements, more focus goes into each exercise. On the other hand, when you’re both doing different workouts at the same time, there is a level of complementarity involved — while one rests, the other focuses on the exercise, while one of you is on the treadmill, the other one can work on their strength and then switch.


Healthy Competition




working out is all about the competition. When your competition is your lover, things tend to get hot. Training together can, indeed, be a new type of foreplay and it can rekindle the passion you have for each other. As you change your predictable roles, so the dynamic of your relationship changes and creates positive conflict that increases libido.

The Experts

Sherry Amatenstein, author of The Complete Marriage Counselor: Relationship-saving Advice from America’s Top 50+ Couples Therapists, says that “The couple that sweats together stays together!” Reason enough to ask your partner to join you in the gym? We definitely think so.


Private Training:Train together for only $100/hr.

Fees: Backyard Bootcamp classes: Save $50 when spouses sign up together!

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