If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try Try Again?

Really? How about this one: "If At First You Don't Succeed, You Probably Didn't Do it".

Radical, huh? Here's why...If you TRY something, then you aren't really Doing it. Here's a little example - you can do this right now. You are most likely sitting in front of a keyboard, yes? If not, you're reading this on your phone. Either one (keyboard or phone) will work for this experiment.
  • Try to type the word "try" on your keyboard or phone keypad.
Did you do it? If the answer is YES, then you didn't try. You DID it! Congratulations!! If the answer is NO, then you did it! Congratulations. HUH?? The simple answer is this....you cannot TRY to do anything. You either DO it or you DON'T do it. Ever experience this? You ask someone to go somewhere with you and their response is "Yeah, sure, I'll try." What does that conjure up for you? Most likely, deep down, you know that more than likely on the day of the event, that person is going to contact you (probably by text) and say something came up and they cannot attend. These people use the word "TRY" as a stall tactic for the word "NO" because they don't like to say NO. They would rather say I'll TRY and then worry about letting you down later through a text. How about this..... Have you ever heard any of these statements...
  • "Oh, I TRIED bootcamp/pilates/the gym/swimming,etc., but it just wasn't for me."
  • "I tried to lose weight, but nothing worked."
  • "I tried sushi once, and it was disgusting."
  • "I tried selling _____, but nobody wanted ever wanted to buy my product."
you get the idea... Here would be more honest responses:
  • "I went to one bootcamp/pilates, etc. class. I can't say whether or not it would have been effective, since I only went one time".
  • "I signed up to sell a product called ______ but didn't get trained properly on how to do it, so I was unsuccessful".
  • "I went out for sushi one time and the first piece I had I didn't like. I decided at that moment that all sushi was disgusting."
  • "I signed up to do a 30-day diet, but after one week, I missed my normal fattening foods, so I quit. I'm sure the diet would have worked if I had worked the diet, but I quit too soon to find out."
Wow, wouldn't it be amazing if people were that honest with themselves and others? So why aren't they? Simple: FEAR. Fear of looking like a failure and a quitter. Nobody likes to admit to quitting or failing. So, let's make it the fault of the product, food, service, etc.! That's so much easier!! So OWN your failures and don't be embarassed to do so. Failures only mean you have made an effort to change. Whether or not you achieve your desired goal is up to whether or not you quit, not whether or not you try. TRY, TRY AGAIN ....and you will keep trying and never achieve a thing. NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER QUIT, and you will achieve whatever you desire!



by Leslie

Leslie Maltz has been helping clients in the greater Los Angeles area get into shape with sports conditioning, lifestyle coaching, nutrition, weight loss and post-injury training since 1996. She is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Expert and Performance Enhancement Specialist.