Personal Training

Personal Training is just that...PERSONAL! The relationship between trainer and client is one of many facets, none being less important than the other. My clients and I build a strong trusting relationship where they know they are in safe, confident and capable hands.

The large chain gym's have mandatory protocols for their trainers, requiring many clients to be put through "cookie cutter" workouts and routines. As an professional independent trainer, working in a private gym, I focus on your specific needs, requirements, strengths and weaknesses, which in turn allow me to meet your ultimate fitness and health goals. I will motivate you and hold you accountable in order that you stay focused and on track. All of my clients have different goals and getting your goal met is why you have chosen to work with a personal trainer. I believe that if you have a goal, I have a way to get you there and by following my protocol and workouts, you will achieve fitness levels beyond your original goal, and you'll be ready to take your fitness to the next level. For highly motivated individuals, I offer discounts for multiple session packages, making personal training affordable and more effective!

About My Personal Training

I offer 1-on-1 Private Training, semi-private (2 people) and Small Group Personal Training (2-3 people). My dynamic, fun, SAFE and results-oriented workouts combine resistance training, cardio workouts, plyometrics, metabolic conditioning, core strengthening and training, functional fitness and flexibility. Additionally you can work with me around the world through the magic of SKYPE and e-mail! I have packages for virtual training by request and interview only.

I can help you today with your health and fitness goals either in person or via Skype. I offer training at a private training studio in Tarzana, CA. I am also available for in-home training.

I have a philosophy when it comes to hiring a trainer. It's much like buying a car. You wouldn't do it without test driving it. It's a personal choice and one that can be a long term relationship, so I always offer a free 30-minute consultation for anyone looking to invest in their health.

Private Training Includes:

• Personal attention to your goals
• Setting specific goals and achieving a balanced and well-maintained body.
• Accountability and monthly assessments
• Overcoming fears and self-created obstacles
• Nutritional Counseling
• Balance and biomechanic assessment

My Services:

• Private Personal Training
• Semi-Private Personal Training
• In-Home Private Training
• Massage
• Limited Clientele
• Private Personal Training Studio
• Fitness Assessment & Testing (See below)
• Nutritional Counseling
• Mobile Fit (Skype)

Your Results:

• Weight loss
• Improve energy
• Increase metabolism
• Increased Self-esteem
• Motivation
• Flexibility
• Sports Performance
• Improved Overall Mood
• Results!!!

Come Train with Me

I provide you with the knowledge, motivation, and confidence to attain your goals, change your body, and transform your life in ways you never imagined!

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Only The Best in Personal Training

Whether you want to lose weight, lose inches, get stronger, increase your metabolism, lose weight, build lean muscle or improve your improve your overall health and fitness, I am a certified personal trainer and I am committed to providing the right program for you to reach your goals. I am a experienced fitness professional and I have specialized education, background, and training in exercise physiology, biomechanics, sports training, functional fitness, weight loss, nutrition, and lifestyle management. I will evaluate and assess your body for muscular imbalances and design personalized programs to fit your needs and maximize your results in a safe and effective manner.

My personal training focus is on safety, technique, form, and most importantly, FUN! I hope to empower my clients to make long-term improvements to the mind and body so that the soul is happy.

I am excited to introduce you to a new outlook on fitness!


Benefits of Having a Trainer

The benefits of working with a personal trainer is one of the fastest, easiest, most successful ways to improve your health and fitness. Today, personal trainers are hired by people of all fitness, age and economic levels (and from all over the world) to help make lifestyle changes most people can’t achieve by themselves. How do you know if hiring me as your personal trainer is the right choice for you? Consider the all the benefits I can do for you.

Your Assessment

A powerful resource Upon enrollment, I evaluate one’s current fitness level and help establish a program that leads to success. During the assessment, we will discuss your past exercise history, set some realistic fitness goals, and discuss your current nutrition. A brief medical history is reviewed, as well as any current exercise limitations that you may have.

I will conduct a few tests including a postural analysis and a body fat analysis. You will leave our first meeting with a solid baseline for where you are, where you want to be and a plan for how I will help you will get there.

The Assessment Covers:

• Current Weight • Body Fat Testing
• Current Body Fat • Fitness Assessment
• Current Body Measurements • Functional Movement Screen
• Imbalances • Sub-Maximal Heart Rate
• Strength • Cardiovascular Training Zones
• Flexibility • Cardiovascular Strength
• Restrictions your body may have

Want to Change Your Body?

Regardless of your goals, I am here to transform them into a reality. Along with personal training, nutrition plays a critical role in getting your results. I can educate you on what foods to eat, how much to eat and when, how to grocery shop and eat to improve your energy. I also offer a 100% organic home food delivery program for people who's lifestyles require easy, no hassle, weight loss solutions.


Hourly (Private) In Gym:

1 Session $100/hr

5 Sessions: $85/hr

10 Sessions: $75/hr

20 Sessions $50/hr Best Value


Schedule a Private Session

Hourly (Semi-Private) 2-3 people: #349/month (per person)

Up to 8 Sessions a month * (use them or lose them)

Attend 4 times: $87/session

Attend 5 times: $69/session

Attend 6 times: $58/session

Attend 7 times: $49/session

Attend 8 times: $43/session Best Option


Schedule a Semi-Private Session

Hourly (Private) In-Home: $175  Contact


Free 30-Minute Consult (must fill out a complete contact form with desired day and time to meet).

*All sessions must be pre-paid. No session may be booked without a payment or credit card on file.
** All packages with less than 20 sessions must be completed within 12 weeks or they will be forfeited.
Semi-Private Training (2 People) - minimum 2x/week - minimum purchase 6 sessions.