Leslie Maltz

I was raised on a farm in Ohio. Here, trees were my toys and the fields and their fences became my borders and my balance.

It’s here where I found my source – of inspiration and energy. And it’s here where many times I will bring my clients.

It’s outside where the work can be done inside. Where the lines of gym and nature are blurred.

I took my love of nature and of fitness and created one of the first outdoor boot camps in 2003. Backyard Bootcamp quickly became the San Fernando Valley’s favorite outdoor adventure and weight loss program and (soon after) boot camps became ubiquitous and no longer unique.

How did I become so strong from the farm girl to now? I didn’t believe the false beliefs. Instead I did what I never thought I could; Sparred with police officers and achieved a high rank in Krav Maga; competed in a half Ironman Triathalon; and got on a stage in a tiny bikini at 50 and won. By not believing the false stories, I achieved what I never thought I could.

What do you think you can’t do? Let me help you let go of that false belief. Are you ready?

I have been helping clients in the greater Los Angeles area get into shape with sports conditioning, lifestyle coaching, nutrition, weight loss and post-injury training since 1996.  I’m certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Expert and Performance Enhancement Specialist, and have helped thousands of people, including many celebrities, improve their overall health and physique. I am an expert in the fields of adventure training, functional training and athletic performance conditioning.

As each decade has pulled to the next, the necessity for fitness and wellness has only increased in my life. Our bodies were meant to move and explore. They were also meant to be nourished – from within – so you are never without.

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