Paige Davis

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Paige Davis, Actress

("Trading Spaces" and "Home Made Simple" and Broadway Company of "Chicago") Being "Bi-coastal" is challenging and knowing I have Leslie as my trainer, takes the stress out of figuring out how or where to train.  Leslie makes my workouts fun while kicking my butt into gear.  If I didn't have her motivating me and pushing me through her tough workouts, I don't know how I would have gotten through my 7 performances a week of Chicago!

Anthony Glickman

I’ve had personal trainers before. I’ve had good results with them. One even came close to bringing me a complete transformation, but our work fell short. Late January 2013 I walked into Leslie’s old gym. I could tell by the space and how I saw her work with clients that I wanted to hire her to train me. She began with a comprehensive assessment (which was totally depressing - I was about 40-50 pounds overweight, weak, and in very poor cardiovascular condition) and we were off. Two days a week for about 5 months I had dropped the additional weight, conditioning had come back, and I was in better shape than I anticipated in the short amount of time I was working with her. I never felt depleted in fact I felt energized. I picked up yoga and running to supplement my work with her. Leslie pushed me, but didn’t over train me. This helped keep me from becoming discouraged. We never did the exact same workout twice either. Of all the trainers I’ve worked with I would say that Leslie has the deepest repertoire to draw on. And TONS of positive energy. I will offer new clients two pieces of advice. Shut up and listen to Leslie - she’s really good at what she does - surrender yourself to the process. And be ready for the transformation that will come with the work you do with her.
chaim b&f

Haim Ore

Before I started coaching with Leslie Maltz I had NO CLUE what should an effective workout look like. When I decided to take my workout seriously, I asked Leslie to coach me to body build. Her guidance both on the workout aspect and nutritional side was EXACTLY what I needed! within the first couple of weeks my body started responding and only 2 months later, I'm proud to call myself an athlete for the first time ever. Haim (age 42)
Baby Mama needs to exercise too!

Baby Mama needs to exercise too!

Natalie Gans

I started training with Leslie at the early stage of my pregnancy. I was determined to be as physically fit as possible during my pregnancy, and so I joined my husband during his twice weekly workouts. Leslie has been so inspiring and supportive. Her workouts are challenging physically as well as mentally. I never feel bored and she did a great job of leading both me and my husband simultaneously during out workouts- meeting our individual needs and allowing us to have valuable bonding time. I owe the ease of my pregnancy in large part to these workouts, and I’m confident that I will have a smooth postpartum transition. Thank you Leslie!
Tobin Larson

Tobin Larson

For over 20 years I've exercised daily and been (fairly) careful about what I ate, but as a 56-year-old man it has gotten harder and harder to keep the weight down. Then last year a number of family member illness's, deaths and funerals kept me flying across the country, missing my gym workouts and playing havoc with my eating. On top of that I spent the summer helping to plan a wedding. By autumn I was 14 pounds heavier that I had ever been. A physical had my doctor concerned. My blood pressure was up, as was my cholesterol. And my clothes didn't fit well, either. I had to do something. Then Leslie introduced me to a meal plan by Isagenix. It was a relief not having to think about meals and diet. Just drink the shakes and do the cleanse once a week. And I still was able to have an occasional "social" meal with family and friends. A follow-up checkup a few weeks later and my doctor was amazed. I had already dropped the new 14 pounds. It only took a month or two more to drop another 20 pounds putting me at a weight I hadn't been at since I was in my 20's. My jeans have gone from size 36 to size 32. Also, arthritis runs on my mother's side of the family. My great aunt and grandmother were terribly afflicted with stiff and painful hands. My mother and sister, too. For the last ten years my fingers have gotten stiffer and stiffer. Since going on Isogenix the stiffness has all but disappeared. Amazing. Needless to say I'm pretty happy with my results. Of course there is one problem. My clothes still don't fit. Now they're falling off me. I can live with that.
Jana Before

Jana Before

Jana After!

Jana After!

Jana  Rosenblatt

As an active business  women and a cancer survivor my goal in my nutrition is to maintain health and maximum energy flow all day, every day!  Once I adjusted to the new Isagenix schedule that Leslie designed for me, that is exactly what I have. I appreciate knowing what my eating plan is all day and still having the creativity and flexibility of my evening meal with my family. As my husband is on it too, when one of us has a lunch date or meeting we simply switch the schedule a bit. We have both grown to LOVE our Monday juice cleanse day as a resetting of our nutritional goals for the week. By Tuesday morning any bloated or tired feelings from the weekend is gone and we are back in our game! The 8 pounds weight loss is an added benefit which will hopefully continue in a spontaneous and healthful way! My clothes fit, feel and look better!

raffi got milk2

Raffi C Donoyan

When I learned that Leslie Maltz was creating a web site, I asked if I could share a testimonial on her behalf. She accepted.  I first came to Leslie January of 2011 (New Years resolution). I had let myself get into the absolute worst physical condition of my life, and I was in desperate need of improvement. At that time I was 47, 6'0", and weighed 248 lbs. No, you may not see the before pictures! After discussing a few health related questions, Leslie put me through a physical evaluation. The results were pathetic. I could barely do any pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, and I wasn't able to jog very far (forget running). I signed up for private training with Leslie, in the hopes of getting into the physical condition I desired. We started out training 3 days per week, at one hour sessions each. In addition to creating a training regimen designed specifically for me, Leslie also created a very easy to follow diet plan. My bad eating habits were easy to break with Leslie's plan. I discovered some tasty and healthy food options, that were filling and easy to make. I was on the path to looking and feeling good. I noticed big improvements to my size, stamina, and strength within the first month. The workouts were never the same twice. Leslie kept me challenged, and interested, and most of all, I was having fun working out. She was always aware of my limits, and never pushed me beyond them. She did push, and push hard, but always very calculated and carefully designed around me and my needs. Several factors made my experience with Leslie fun and beneficial. One of them was the environment. There were no crowds. No cell phone distractions. It wasn't a social scene to get dates. It was a gym. Plain and simple. I was there to work out and achieve my fitness goals. There was some nonsense, but that was just Leslie joking around with me making the experience fun.  Her gym is well equipped with all the necessary tools to serve everyone's skill levels. But we didn't always work out at the gym. Like I mentioned, she keeps it fun and challenging. Leslie would take me on hikes in the nearby hills. We live in one of the best climates in the world, why not take advantage of it. By familiarizing me with hiking trails, I found myself hiking with friends during times away from my scheduled training sessions. I was quickly becoming a work out junkie, and loving every minute of it. The benefits of getting in shape go far beyond looking good. My self esteem improved, I fit in much nicer clothes, my stamina improved, my health improved greatly, I slept much better, and on and on. Here are some simple truths about exercise; Train with the wrong people and you'll get poor results, and you may get injured. Dedication delivers results. Diet is a big part of getting in shape, and "cheating" on your diet plan is ok. Little exercise is better than none. I owe a great deal to my friend and trainer, Leslie Maltz. I encourage you to talk to her and get a feel for the great things she has to offer you. You've read this far, you must be serious. Congratulations!!! You're one step away from a new you. Just try and catch me.