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10 Steps to a Flat Tummy after 40

Ever feel like the day you hit 40 you looked down and your flat tummy had suddenly found a new friend?  That’s what happened to me.  My son looked at me while driving one day and pointed at my stomach and said “Mom, who’s your new friend?”  Now, I know teenage boys can be evil, […]

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Five Fat Fighting Fiber Foods (FFFFF)

I never really thought I’d be blogging about Fiber.  FIBER!  Seriously, isn’t that for old people?  Sometimes I have to take a minute and remember that I’m the age my mom was when I thought of her as basically “done” because of her floating teeth-in-a-glass, Preparation H, hormonal changes and yes….Fiber bars.  Seriously, Fiber and […]

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Is Your Health a Luxury?

When you think about your finances or your monthly budget, what do you consider to be a “luxury” expense? Do you think about these things as being luxuries that you can “eliminate” if money gets tight? A new car Vacation Beauty Treatments Massage New Clothes Dinners out Personal Training Gym Membership Monthly subscriptions Specialty food […]

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Don’t Fear the Bikini – Fear the Myth

I have to admit I was a little stressed (okay…a lot stressed) about going to Mexico last week. Some might say they understand my stress around traveling internationally over the holidays, but that wasn’t it. No, my stress was far more intense. It was the fear of being seen in a bikini. Now you probably […]

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How To Stay Motivated to Your Goals in 3 Easy Steps

What  is your #1 priority  and how do you plan to stay motivated to achieve it?  How do you turn your thoughts into reality? Did you know that your actual “thoughts” are energy?  Indeed, they are and they are sent out on vibrational frequencies much like radio waves.   You can’t see radio waves, but they […]